How To Create A Cover Page Of A Research Paper Properly

The cover page of a research paper is difficult to design and requires many guidelines. It depends especially on the style being guided by your tutor or professor that assist you throughout the work. There are three styles that are generally followed while writing the cover page of a research paper that are MLA Modern Language Association, APA American Psychological Association, and the Chicago style. For and other details click here. The main thing that is required before writing is to choose the style that you finds the most suitable. Although it doesn’t depend merely on you, your tutor also plays an important role. The tutor basically tells which format to follow while writing the cover page. In this article, we have mentioned the tips to create a research paper that is perfect in all sense. Read this article thoroughly and apply while writing to write a cover page to the research paper.

MLA style cover page

In general no cover page is required in MLA formatting style but still, if you need to create a cover page using this format then here are few tips.

  • The title should be center aligned. This is the fixed alignment and should be followed whenever writing the title of the paper.
  • Next, you need to mention your name on the cover page that too should be center aligned and around 2 to 3 lines below the cover page title
  • As of now, you have only mentioned the name and title thereafter you need to mention the course information and instructors name. All should be center aligned and should maintain a distance of 2-3 lines each.

Chicago style cover page

This style of the cover page is basically used for publishing but mainly used for history and social science and mixes a wide variety of formats and gives writers freedom to choose the way they like. Here are few points to consider while writing the cover page of a research paper.

  • The research title should be center aligned and should be around halfway down.
  • The name should be centered and should follow the title immediately.
  • Then comes the instructor’s name and the course details, section and date should be submitted and centrally aligned.
  • You should not use the page number on the cover page.

APA style cover page

This style of formatting is usually used and most common for a citation when you are writing for social sciences.

  • The title should be center aligned and nearly half down the page.
  • The name ought to be center aligned and should be at the bottom.
  • No instructor name is written on it only course details are mentioned.
  • A running head should be at the top of the page.

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